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Spiced Butter Milk

Hey Everyone,
Other day during the lunch hour when me and my colleagues where having a Spiced Butter-Milk from Amul i just got a thought i should try this at home. That’s when i checked the ingredient list and found that they add some kind of preservatives for the packaged drink and decided i shall make them at home and have fresh butter-milk instead. 

Got this amazing recipe of Spiced Butter Milk from my Mum-in-Law and I gave it a try, Trust me it just tastes amazing and with out any harm you can have this.

Ingredients List :
  • Washed & Chopped 1-inch of Ginger.
  • 1 Pod of garlic.
  • 10-12 Curry Leaves.
  • Cleaned and washed Coriander leaves.
  • Salt as per your taste.
  • 2pinch of sugar.
  • Thick Curd.
  • Water depending on your consistency.
Add all the above ingredients in the blender, adjust water & salt as per your need and blend for about 2mins and drain the butter milk into a glass. Sprinkle some Jal-jeera powder on top. Tastes best when served Chilled.

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