Beanies Flavour Instant Coffee

Who is ready for some Nutty Hazelnut Instant Coffee??
Be it Instant Coffee or Filter Coffee I am always ready for some amazing cup of Coffee. Coffee is something boasts up my energy level also cheers me up.

Recently I got introduced to this amazing Nutty Flavored Hazelnut Coffee from Beanies. Beanies has variety of flavored coffee’s. If you are in South of Bangalore then you can purchase them from, they stock a lot of Gourmet Grocery items. They deliver them to your doorstep. People from South Bangalore you can have a very easy access to gourmet artisan products. They also have very mobile friendly page & newly launched store. Do check them out.
Ingredients :
  • Beanies Instant Coffee Powder
  • Hot Milk
  • Sugar
  • Also choice of your favorite biscuits to munch along with Coffee.
How to prepare :
  • Boil Milk and simmer the stove.
  • Now in a cup add 1/2 tsp of Nutty Hazelnut Coffee Powder and Sugar to your level of taste.
  • Pour in hot milk and mix well.
Note : If you want your Coffee to be frothy you can blend it in your blender.
       Sip on your coffee in your favorite mug.
Hazelnut Flavour is not something everyone would enjoy, as it has hint of Coca in it. It would be a great thing to serve for kids. I personally enjoyed this flavor.
PS : This post is in collaboration with provisonindia, Opinions are based on my own use.

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