• Breakfast

    Quick and Easy : Instant Rava Idly

    Hello Everyone. Idly is an amazing south Indian breakfast option. Among those is the Rava Idly which is made out of Rava/Semolina. I have a quicker and easy version of Instant Rava Idly.Idlies are my all time favourite breakfast dish. I love trying out different types of idlies. My MIL makes some amazing types of idlies. Shall be sharing them all soon. Also recently got to know that March 30th is considered ad World Idly Day. Isn’t it amazing to have a day to celebrate our favorite food item.

  • Side Dish

    Southekai Gojju – Cucumber Curry

    Cucumber is my family favorite vegetable. This is one such recipe which my whole family loves. It’s a super easy and healthy recipe. I got this recipe from my MIL. 

  • Summer Drink

    Watermelon Mint Cooler

    Welcome back! These days in Bangalore its becoming very hot, and there is a need of some cool drink every other day. So while trying out something new and innovative i came across the idea of this Watermelon Mint Cooler.

  • Raitha,  Side Dish

    Garlic Raitha

    Garlic is one Ingredient which is present in almost every house hold in India. It has lots of medicinal benefits as well. Today I have one simple recipe to share with you guys. Garlic is grind with coconut & green chilies and mixed with buttermilk.